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BioStrata further enhances its rapidly growing marketing and PR teams to deliver specialist solutions across life sciences

Posted by BioStrata Team on 26-Mar-2021 09:50:30


BioStrata further enhances its rapidly growing marketing and PR teams to deliver industry-leading solutions across life sciences

New recruits join the BioStrata team: (from left) Lauren Heap, Fred Schwaller, Lea Vitezic, Debbie Lee

PRESS RELEASE: BioStrata, the life science marketing and PR specialist, has appointed four new team members to meet growing demand and the changing requirements of clients within life sciences.

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12 proven ideas for repurposing life science content to get maximum ROI

Posted by BioStrata Team on 16-Oct-2020 13:48:36

Last month, we discussed how repurposing content can increase marketing ROI in the life science industry (while reducing costs). This week, we’re taking a deeper dive into the topic of repurposing by describing 12 tried and tested approaches we’ve taken in the past to maximise the lifetime, impact and results of the content marketing programmes that we manage for our clients. Check out our list if you are looking for creative ways to get more from your content marketing investment.

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Our top marketing, sales and business insights from Inbound 2020

Posted by BioStrata Team on 25-Sep-2020 17:13:41

Well, that’s the end of Inbound 2020 (an annual conference discussing the latest trends in marketing, sales and customer service). Was it the same as jetting off to Boston to hang out with many of our best industry friends and colleagues? Certainly not. But it was probably the best online conference many of us have attended so far, thanks to a combination of robust technology (that worked most of the time), and a strong balance between “traditional presentations” and a variety of other session formats.

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Five life science blog post templates to improve readability and boost engagement

Posted by BioStrata Team on 17-Sep-2020 09:45:00

Question: What do you do if you have an awesome idea for a blog post that will capture the interests of one of your life science buyer personas, but you are struggling to get started with your copy, structure your story or ensure you transmit your message effectively?

Answer: You choose one of the five common structural templates below and use it as inspiration to help you quickly and easily frame your story so that you can deliver your insights in a way your readers will love!

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Five reasons why you should repurpose your life science content

Posted by BioStrata Team on 03-Sep-2020 10:00:00

An effective content marketing approach puts the customer at the heart of your marketing strategy, but if you want to rise above the noise and truly capture the attention of prospects, then repetition and consistency are key. However, this puts great strain on marketing teams, who must produce and publish an ongoing stream of high-quality content.

Fortunately, an effective content repurposing strategy can help overcome this challenge, by ensuring you get the most out of every single piece of content you create. This saves time and money, while also ensuring that the information and messages you share are consistent.

Here is a quick rundown on what life science content repurposing entails, why you should do it, and how to get started!

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The three essential factors underpinning effective email marketing in the life science sector

Posted by BioStrata Team on 20-Aug-2020 09:04:40

In today’s digital age, prospects have so much access to information that their buying decisions are becoming increasingly driven by their own online research. To effectively generate leads and acquire customers, life science businesses need to embrace this change in behaviour and adopt a consumer-driven inbound marketing approach that educates, engages and empowers prospects. As such, a key aspect of any inbound life science marketing campaign is to provide prospects with helpful and relevant content that adds value to their buying process.

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How BioStrata is supporting its clients and the life science community during the COVID-19 outbreak

Posted by BioStrata Team on 20-Mar-2020 16:05:54

At BioStrata, we appreciate this is an unsettling and troubling time for everyone and wanted to reach out and reassure all of our clients that our commitment to client projects remains as strong as ever. Please see our company statement below for more information.


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How to find and choose the right life science marketing agency [free eBook]

Posted by BioStrata Team on 12-Mar-2018 16:02:47

Competition for presence and market share continues to rise across the life science sector. Having a world-changing piece of technology or life-saving service is one thing, but how can you effectively communicate your offering to those that really need it? How do you get your message out there and make sure it resonates and drives action? No single strategy will get you the results you want, and modern marketing continuously adds new channels and tactics which always need exploring.

For these reasons, many companies decide to onboard and partner with a specialist life science marketing agency. An agency can act as an extension of your marketing team, helping to alleviate busy workloads, and can provide specialist expertise to complement and bolster the marketing and scientific knowledge of your company.

Identifying and onboarding a new life science agency partner can be tricky, so we've developed a free eBook to help guide you through some of the key considerations. Our first tip? Create an agency onboarding briefing document. This brief should act almost as a checklist of where you want your marketing activities to take you, laying bare your business objectives and the results you wish to generate. So, how do you create an effective agency brief? 

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5 ways your life science website is hampering your sales efforts

Posted by BioStrata Team on 01-Mar-2018 17:45:24

It’s often said that a company’s website is its 24/7 shop window to the world. Indeed, it’s the first port of call for many customers seeking out new products, innovative solutions to their problems or the latest trends from within their sector. This rings true for many industries, and the life sciences are no exception. Having a shiny shop window is one thing, but making the most out of your sales efforts requires more than just a dazzling skin. When it comes to maximising your life science website’s revenue-generating potential, there are some important principles you’ll need to apply. Get them wrong and, much like a high street shop, a negative user experience will usually mean that your potential customer simply won’t come back for a second look.

To help circumvent this risk, we’ve outlined five of the most common problems your target audience may experience when engaging online with your life science brandand how to fix them!

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10 foolproof ways to generate more leads from your life science landing page

Posted by BioStrata Team on 20-Feb-2018 11:49:23

In the life science marketer's toolbox, landing pages are the catalysts that convert visitors into leads. They have one simple function – to get prospects to hand over their precious contact details in return for that eBook, webinar or free consultation that will make their lives infinitely easier.

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