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What is the digital future of the laboratory (a brief review of LABVOLUTION 2017)?

Posted by BioStrata Team on 14-Jun-2017 11:49:00

Held this year in Hanover, Germany, LABVOLUTION is a European trade show for individuals seeking to discover the very latest innovations in laboratory equipment and workflow optimisation solutions. The event features a broad spectrum of products and services from a range of disciplines, from 3D printing and data analysis, to agricultural and diagnostic products. Last year, LABVOLUTION joined forces with the ever-popular trade show BIOTECHNICA, which was formally aimed at those working within the European biotechnology sector. The coming together of these two shows has meant delegates from far and wide are able to experience some of the most cutting-edge tech and insights from a broader range of scientific disciplines.

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The BioStrata Month in Marketing (April 2017)

Posted by BioStrata Team on 28-Apr-2017 14:14:00

Here at BioStrata, we live and breathe marketing. As such, we are always keeping abreast of the latest trends and developments in the ever-evolving marketing world. As any modern marketeer would probably agree, in this dynamic industry, there is never a dull moment and it can sometimes be tricky to keep on top of what’s hot (and what’s not).

But don’t worry, that’s why we’re here. We’ve scoured the web over the past month to bring you a digest of the top five marketing blogs from April. Read on to find out what everyone’s talking about this month.

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A new era of innovation for life science research

Posted by BioStrata Team on 06-Apr-2017 10:19:59

The European Laboratory Research & Innovation Group (ELRIG) is a non-profit organization that hosts a number of conferences across different locations in Europe. These shows are a coming together of key opinion leaders, delegates and vendors from a wide range of applications, and are always a fantastic opportunity to see how the landscape of life science research is expected to change in years to come.

The theme of this year’s conference, held in Homerton College, Cambridge, was ‘Cells as Models of Disease and New Therapeutic Agents’. Talks were given on a range of topics, from immunotherapies in oncology, to single cell analysis and microfluidics. As ever, BioStrata attended the conference with great interest, and here are some of our personal highlights.

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The BioStrata Month in Marketing (May 2016)

Posted by BioStrata Team on 14-Jun-2016 17:04:05

The mad month of May is well and truly over, and at last, we have your monthly marketing digest ready! It's safe to say a lot went down last month, but we've chosen the five marketing stories that we felt were the most interesting. Read on to find out what made the cut!

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The BioStrata Month in Marketing (April 2016)

Posted by BioStrata Team on 10-May-2016 17:52:39

Seems like it was just yesterday that we were writing about our favourite marketing blogs for March  the month of April certainly did fly! If last month disappeared for you too, then perhaps you're a bit behind on your reading. If so, read on to get up to speed with the marketing stories that we felt were most interesting this month, as well as why we felt they could be especially relevant for the life science sector.

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How to get involved in scientific research without being a full time scientist

Posted by BioStrata Team on 14-Apr-2016 15:38:22

How can you help support the future of scientific research, without being a full time scientist yourself? The reality is that the idea of a ‘citizen scientist’ has picked up significant momentum over the last few years, and there are a growing number of ways for you to get involved in ground-breaking scientific research, without taking a full-time job at the bench. Here are five of our favourite citizen science projects taking place at the moment.

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The BioStrata Month in Marketing (March 2016)

Posted by BioStrata Team on 04-Apr-2016 15:32:23

So what happened this month in the world of marketing? What great tips or stories were shared? And how does all of this pertain to those working in life science marketing and sales? Read on to find out about the top five marketing blogs we felt were the most interesting this month.

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The BioStrata Month in Marketing (Feb 2016)

Posted by BioStrata Team on 09-Mar-2016 11:07:44

As life science marketers, it’s safe to say everyone in the BioStrata team loves to geek out on the latest marketing trends (which also helps to ensure we incorporate them into our approach and continue to deliver awesome work for our clients). Even when the working day is over, chances are you’ll find members of the team tuning in to various podcasts and reading up on all things science and marketing. Many of these ideas are thrown around the office, triggering (lively) discussion. This month, we came across so many awesome marketing stories that we felt inspired to share them with you all. Each member of the team picked their favourite marketing blog of the month (trust us, this was difficult) and we narrowed it down to the top five that we feel are worthy of making it on your reading list this month. 

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