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Insights from BioBeat18: constructing sustainable business models with biodata

Posted by Caroline Chambers on 11-Dec-2018 15:00:51

BioBeat is a collaborative innovation platform fostering partnerships between scientists, entrepreneurs and investors. On 15 November we attended BioBeat’s annual summit in the inspiring surroundings of the Wellcome Genome Campus (WGC). Exploring the theme of ‘disrupting biodata healthcare’, the summit brought together thought leaders from across the life science industry to discuss how the convergence of data and biology generates new business opportunities in the life science and healthcare industries. The summit proved to be a popular and successful event—so we’ve put together our highlights for you to enjoy.

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The 2018 Ig Nobel prizes: celebrating the eccentric side of science

Posted by Caroline Chambers on 22-Nov-2018 16:54:17

Nobel prize season is just behind us, which means the incredible work of the very best and brightest scientific minds has been duly celebrated. This year’s notable winners include Donna Strickland, who earned widespread media attention for becoming the first female winner of the Physics prize for 55 years. She shared half of the prize with Gérard Mourou for their ground-breaking work on pulse lasers back in the 80s, which paved the way for modern laser eye surgery techniques. These awards got us thinking about some other remarkable science that has been celebrated this year—remarkable for other reasons, perhaps…

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BioBeat summit: inspiring innovation for sustainable life science business

Posted by Caroline Chambers on 25-Oct-2018 11:50:51

BioBeat is a collaborative innovation platform encouraging partnerships between scientists, entrepreneurs and investors, with the aim of driving forward discovery and development. Successful innovation in biotechnology is increasingly achieved through collaborations in which different groups are brought together to kindle new ideas and inspire novel approaches. Fostering such partnerships will ultimately result in a greater benefit to health, stronger business growth and faster scientific advancement.

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