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Inbound sales for life science companies: How to identify more opportunities and close more deals

Posted by Craig Townsend on 29-Mar-2018 17:49:50

Do you have a well-defined, strategic sales process? A process that enables you to identify good-fit prospects, initially connect with them and then help them to identify issues/opportunities before finally partnering or parting ways after leaving a positive impression? This blog post will introduce you to the inbound sales methodology, a systemised process designed to help you identify better-fit opportunities and close more sales. So how does inbound sales work? 

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How to find the right life science marketing agency [free eBook]

Posted by Craig Townsend on 12-Mar-2018 16:02:47

Competition for presence and market share continues to rise across the life science sector. Having a world-changing piece of technology or life-saving service is one thing, but how can you effectively communicate your offering to those that really need it? How do you get your message out there and make sure it resonates and drives action? No single strategy will get you the results you want, and modern marketing continuously adds new channels and tactics which always need exploring.

For these reasons, many companies decide to onboard and partner with a specialist life science marketing agency. An agency can act as an extension of your marketing team, helping to alleviate busy workloads, and can provide specialist expertise to complement and bolster the marketing and scientific knowledge of your company.

Identifying and onboarding a new agency partner can be tricky, so we've developed a free eBook to help guide you through some of the key considerations. Our first tip? Create an agency onboarding briefing document. This brief should act almost as a checklist of where you want your marketing activities to take you, laying bare your business objectives and the results you wish to generate. So, how do you create an effective agency brief? 

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Life science marketing in Germany—the latest media and social trends

Posted by Craig Townsend on 06-Feb-2018 16:38:55

Whilst not your typical ‘water cooler’ chatter for most offices, the BioStrata team has recently been talking about trends in B2B marketing in Germany. The German market often features in our international and regional marketing programmes for our clients because—as its government proudly advertises—Germany is the largest market in Europe for life science products.

If you’re interested in accessing the German life science market or would like to learn more about buying behaviour amongst German consumers, we’ve summarised just some of the latest insights that we’ve uncovered below.

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Four challenges senior life science marketers face today (and how to overcome them)

Posted by Craig Townsend on 01-Feb-2018 11:41:54

Life science marketing is tricky. We work in a vast, fast-paced sector that is always changing and, let’s face it, often we have lots to do and very little time to do it. You may have a large team to manage, are relied upon by other departments, are expected to always put strategy first (and strategy takes time) and ultimately, you are always expected to be reporting—whether that be to the board, shareholders or other business units within your organisation. That doesn’t leave much time for participating in relevant industry committees, building your own brand (and fitting in time for your personal life!).

As a life science marketing pro, you have to constantly adapt to new situations. But as marketing continues to evolve rapidly, new challenges present themselves—and we all need to be ready to overcome them.

To help with your busy schedule, we've brought together four of the key challenges that we face as modern marketers, and have provided some tips on how to overcome them. 

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Will the inbound marketing methodology work for your life science company?

Posted by Craig Townsend on 09-Jan-2018 16:44:03

One of the biggest shifts in the marketing landscape in recent years has been companies moving their marketing spend from outbound to inbound tactics. Both methods deliver results, but as inbound continues to grow it has very quickly taken the lead in the race for positive return on investment (ROI).

Life science companies that have adopted inbound marketing have seen great results, such as increased website traffic, more and better-quality leads, and an increase in revenue—with an excellent ROI. However, not all businesses are suitable for inbound.

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How to build and execute the perfect life science inbound marketing campaign

Posted by Craig Townsend on 20-Nov-2017 13:55:57

At its core, inbound marketing involves producing a steady stream of compelling content that is valuable to potential customers. In return, these customers give companies the chance to interact with them by providing their contact details in order to receive interesting content in the future. This approach can help raise awareness, position your company as a thought leader, create demand, generate leads, and then nurture those leads until they are ready to become customers.

If you have enjoyed some of our previous webinars on why life science marketing needs to change and how inbound marketing can be an effective solution, but aren’t sure how to implement the approach or are looking to enhance your current marketing activities, then look no further. I’m going to show you how to plan and execute the perfect inbound marketing campaign today.

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Applying the scientific method to your content marketing strategy

Posted by Craig Townsend on 14-Oct-2016 09:32:00

With a keen focus on using inductive reasoning to understand processes of the natural world, the scientific method was a huge milestone for human development and helped us shed the unscientific mysticism of the dark ages. Flash forward to today, and its illuminative approach spans far beyond the laboratory. For instance, applying the scientific method to content marketing can lead to much better results.

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Why your sales strategy needs content marketing

Posted by Craig Townsend on 09-Sep-2016 09:44:00

The modern business environment has undergone quite a few fundamental changes over the past decade.

Consumers are more informed and discerning, technology has connected practically everyone and everything, and organisational structures are stripping down to their lean essentials. In this shifting environment, it’s crucial for companies to identify and address internal weaknesses or sticking points. For many, the rift between sales and marketing is a perfect example. The two departments working in isolation from each other can lead to internal frustrations and conflicts, as well as fewer leads being generated and sales closed. This is why sales and marketing need to align and work together towards their common goal.

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Life science content marketing tips (for a non-scientific marketer)

Posted by Craig Townsend on 12-Aug-2016 13:05:00

As a marketer in the life science industry, you work at the crossroads between scientific discovery and the exciting world of marketing. And while it’s important to be creative, analytical and everything else that makes a good marketer, those traits alone will may fall short of the unique marketing needs of a life science company.

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An introduction to Baidu – China’s leading search engine

Posted by Craig Townsend on 11-Nov-2015 16:25:24

Baidu is the number one search engine in China, with approximately 68% of the country’s market share. Therefore, if you are thinking of targeting the Chinese market through digital means, we recommend that Baidu should be one of your first platforms of choice. Increasing your website’s ranking on Baidu requires a slightly different way of thinking about search engine optimisation (SEO) compared to what you might be used to when working within Google and Bing’s requirements.

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