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Five PR tactics to boost your life science tradeshow success and maximise ROI

Posted by Helen Stewart-Miller on 05-Aug-2019 14:38:03

It’s no secret that life science tradeshows can provide an invaluable opportunity to raise your profile and boost awareness of your latest offering. However, these events can also consume substantial amounts of budgetincluding booth set-up costs, sponsorship fees and travel expenses, not to mention a significant chunk of your team’s time. So, how can you make sure you secure a good return on your investment?

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The periodic table of content marketing [curated infographic]

Posted by Helen Stewart-Miller on 05-Oct-2016 09:15:00

At BioStrata, we’re big fans of taking a scientific approach to marketing. From high-level strategy and planning to customer engagement and retention, your marketing efforts will be a lot more effective if they’re based on solid data and key metrics. This is why we were so chuffed to find this scintillating infographic, which reimagines Mendeleev’s periodic table of elements in terms of the essentials of a successful content marketing strategy.

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How to repurpose existing content for your life science content marketing strategy

Posted by Helen Stewart-Miller on 27-Jul-2016 14:01:00

Life science content marketing can seem like an overwhelming prospect, especially when it involves churning out new and engaging content.

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The light touch of synthetic biology

Posted by Helen Stewart-Miller on 05-Nov-2015 14:04:22

With the discovery that cells can influence each other’s behaviour rather than operating in isolation came a number of exciting new possibilities for industry and medicine. Researchers in synthetic biology have been working to create multicellular ‘machines’ that talk to each other in the hope of utilising them for a wide range of applications – perhaps even a new class of smart drug to target cancer. At its simplest, such multicellular interaction may involve two cell populations that tell each other to fluoresce, and then to switch off again. 

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