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5 ways your website is hampering your sales efforts

Posted by James Reeve on 01-Mar-2018 17:45:24

It’s often said that a company’s website is its 24/7 shop window to the world. Indeed, it’s the first port of call for many customers seeking out new products, innovative solutions to their problems or the latest trends from within their sector. This rings true for many industries, and the life sciences are no exception. Having a shiny shop window is one thing, but making the most out of your sales efforts requires more than just a dazzling skin. When it comes to maximising your website’s revenue-generating potential, there are some important principles you’ll need to apply. Get them wrong and, much like a high street shop, a negative user experience will usually mean that your potential customer simply won’t come back for a second look.

To help circumvent this risk, we’ve outlined five of the most common problems your target audience may experience when engaging online with your brandand how to fix them!

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