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So much science, so little time (Winter 2020 edition).

Posted by Mira Nair on 17-Jan-2020 09:21:38

The start of a new year is always a busy time, and as projects rapidly begin to snowball, you may find yourself struggling to stay abreast of all the latest science news. To keep you up to date and inspire you as we enter a new decade, we’ve summarised some of the tree-mendous discoveries that caught our eye during 2019.

From the release of sterilised mosquitoes in a bid to tackle malaria to the discovery that even tiny, single-celled organisms can make decisions, there are many different reasons to feel positive. So why not take a break from preparing for the year ahead and read on to be motivated by some of last year’s highlights?

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From internal marketer to Account Director: Five things I’ve learned about working in a marketing agency

Posted by Mira Nair on 17-Dec-2019 11:19:51

If you work in marketing internally for a specific company, you’ll probably be aware that the world of agency is very different. But how do you find out what that world’s like, and whether it would suit you? I hope I can help you answer these questions, since I’ve experienced both environments. I started my career by working client-side (as an ‘internal marketer’), then a year ago I took my first agency job as an Account Director.

In hindsight, the move was a very positive decision for me, but at the time it felt like a leap of faith. If I’d known a bit more about the nature of the role, I’d have been more confident taking the plunge. So, to help those in a similar situation, here are five things about working in agency that I wish I’d known a year ago.

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What's it like to be an Inbound Account Director?

Posted by Mira Nair on 20-Nov-2019 11:58:12

As an experienced marketer, you’ll have a whole host of career options at your fingertips. The question is: which one is right for you? It’s crucial to find a role where you can thrive, but it can be hard to judge whether you’ll really take to a position just from the job description.

For example, a typical description for an Inbound Account Director (AD) might say that you’ll manage a portfolio of client accounts—but what does that look like in reality? What’s the true nature of the job, and what does it feel like to do it day-to-day? If you’re looking for a bit more detail on that score, I’ve shared my thoughts below. Hopefully, this blog will give you a picture of what the role is like and whether you’d enjoy it.

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