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A beginner’s guide to using LinkedIn ads for life science marketing

Posted by Ol Anscombe on 17-Jul-2020 16:35:52

LinkedIn can be a powerful channel for reaching potential customers, especially when you utilise its suite of paid promotional tools. But how can you ensure your programmes will successfully reach the right people in the life science sector, at the lowest possible pay-per-click?

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4 things I love about working as an inbound account manager in life science marketing

Posted by Ol Anscombe on 22-Jun-2018 14:57:36

As a life science graduate, I found myself facing a huge decision when it came to my future career: stay in the lab, or foray into the commercial world. After running a number of experiments in my head, and having studied the results with care, I decided to test myself in the world of life science marketing. This was a decision I will never regret.

Perhaps you’re a recent science graduate who is considering making a similar decision? In case it helps you with that process, here are four things I love about working in life science marketing.

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5 ways to make your life science content more persuasive

Posted by Ol Anscombe on 16-Mar-2018 16:36:59

As marketers, regardless of the type of content we are creating, we always aim to educate, inspire and entertain the reader. Not only that, we also hope to persuade them to take action—this could be to download an eBook, sign up for a mailing list or take advantage of an offer. Writing persuasive copy is no mean feat, so if you are keen to hone your writing to create copy that engages and delights, then read on!

On this topic, Nancy Harhut gave a great overview at Inbound 2017 of the tactics and constructs you can use to immediately make your writing more persuasive. We’ve distilled some of our key takeaways from her talk here, so that you can quickly start implementing these tips yourself!

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3 ways generational differences will affect life science marketing campaigns of the future

Posted by Ol Anscombe on 06-Mar-2018 13:36:57

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—the way in which the world digests information is changing. As we move further towards a future of universal internet access, buyer behaviour has shifted as your sales team is now no longer the sole gatekeeper of information relating to your product or service. Variations in the way different generations interact with information also means that buyer behaviour can depend massively on the age group you wish to target. So-called ‘millennials’ are no longer children that dream of one day becoming scientists—they are scientists, and the way they interact with content can be vastly different from ‘generation Xers’ and ‘baby boomers’.

At the end of 2017, HubSpot published the findings of a digital trends report that aimed to lay bare the differences in the ways different generations absorb information, asking survey respondents about the kinds of channels they use to access content and the type of content they respond to.

So, what were the findings of the report, and what do they mean for companies working in the life science industry? Can these findings be applied to help us communicate our offering to the right people in the right way? Here are three ways that generational differences could impact on life science marketing campaigns of the future. 

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So much science, so little time (October 2016 edition)

Posted by Ol Anscombe on 15-Nov-2016 13:34:00

When you work within the life science industry, you are exposed to some of the most inspirational, impactful, exciting and sometimes amusing research every day of the week. At BioStrata, we love to take the opportunity to indulge ourselves, learning about what scientists are up to, and what they’re discovering. Below are our top 5 stories from October.

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BioStrata run for Papworth Hospital in Chariots of Fire 2016

Posted by Ol Anscombe on 18-Oct-2016 14:02:32

Each year, hundreds of runners ranging from the professional to the amateur (and the optimistic), congregate on Cambridge’s Queens’ Green, for a truly charitable event. Chariots of Fire is a 16-kilometer relay race, and one of the city’s largest charity dashes this year attracting 380 teams.

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So much science, so little time (September 2016 edition)

Posted by Ol Anscombe on 10-Oct-2016 14:00:00

As ever, a lot has happened over the last month in the life sciences, but fear not, as we have been keeping an eye out for the month’s best stories. Here is our monthly run-down of the science that amused and amazed us here at BioStrata, be sure to check back every month to satisfy your thirst.

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So much science, so little time (August 2016 edition)

Posted by Ol Anscombe on 08-Sep-2016 09:30:00

Your monthly science digest has finally arrived! Because we like to live, breathe, and talk science every day, we make sure we keep ourselves abreast of the very latest stories, and want to guarantee you are up to date too! So without further ado, here are our picks for the top science stories from August!

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Creating a biotech hub: Valuable lessons from the MLSC

Posted by Ol Anscombe on 30-Aug-2016 11:20:19

One Nucleus’ 2016 ON Helix translational science event was kicked off with a bang this year, and there were a number of talks and debates to get your teeth into, as outlined in our previous blog. The opening keynote talk of the event was given by none other than Dr. Susan Windham-Bannister. Dr. Windham-Bannister is an internationally recognized innovations expert who was named as one of the 10 most influential women in biotech in 2013 by the Boston Globe.

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So much science, so little time (July 2016 edition)

Posted by Ol Anscombe on 12-Aug-2016 17:43:41

Your monthly round up is here at last! Cyborg stingrays, fighter–pilot hummingbirds, and bacteria united against us; as ever, we have been making sure we are up to date with the very latest in scientific research, and have hand–picked our top five stories from the last month.

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