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The 2018 Ig Nobel prizes: celebrating the eccentric side of science

Posted by Caroline Chambers on 22-Nov-2018 16:54:17

Nobel prize season is just behind us, which means the incredible work of the very best and brightest scientific minds has been duly celebrated. This year’s notable winners include Donna Strickland, who earned widespread media attention for becoming the first female winner of the Physics prize for 55 years. She shared half of the prize with Gérard Mourou for their ground-breaking work on pulse lasers back in the 80s, which paved the way for modern laser eye surgery techniques. These awards got us thinking about some other remarkable science that has been celebrated this year—remarkable for other reasons, perhaps…

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So much science, so little time (October 2018 edition)

Posted by Alexandra Ashcroft on 07-Nov-2018 12:09:02

With gerbils that can actually ‘hear’ light, and mice reared from same-sex parents, October really was a month where science fiction became science fact! As former scientists ourselves, we know how hard it can be to keep up to date with science's many breakthroughs whilst still creating your own. To help, we’ve broken down October’s highlights. Read on to answer that question we know you’ve always had about elephants…

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BioBeat summit: inspiring innovation for sustainable life science business

Posted by Caroline Chambers on 25-Oct-2018 11:50:51

BioBeat is a collaborative innovation platform encouraging partnerships between scientists, entrepreneurs and investors, with the aim of driving forward discovery and development. Successful innovation in biotechnology is increasingly achieved through collaborations in which different groups are brought together to kindle new ideas and inspire novel approaches. Fostering such partnerships will ultimately result in a greater benefit to health, stronger business growth and faster scientific advancement.

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So much science, so little time (September 2018 edition)

Posted by Alexandra Ashcroft on 10-Oct-2018 15:43:06

September’s been a truly exciting month, with breakthroughs in everything from robotics to dinosaur evolution! As the end-of-year rush begins, we know things can start to pile up, and so we’ve rounded up our favourite science stories from last month, so you don’t have to! Why don’t you grab a cup of tea or coffee, escape the cold, and catch up on last month’s science highlights? This time, things are getting a little spooky…

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What's it like to be a public relations executive for a life science marketing agency?

Posted by Ronan Muir on 08-Aug-2018 11:04:08

Life after university… it's a challenge every graduate has to face! And something that really sneaks up on you as you approach the end of your bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree. After all, choosing the right vocation is a big step, and a predicament we all face at the end of our studies. It’s certainly something I experienced at the end of my PhD.

At that point, all I knew was that I loved science and wanted it to be the basis of my career, but I did not see myself becoming a lab-based scientist in either industry or academia.

So, I asked myself, "what are my options? What’s out there for someone who wants to apply their scientific knowledge and skill, but perhaps not in the lab?" From a kaleidoscope of advice, thoughts and feedback, I whittled down my focus to specific areas within the commercial side of the life science industry.

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8 questions I wanted answered before I became a commercial science writer

Posted by Andrew Breeson on 20-Jul-2018 14:25:45

At some point in their career, every scientist must decide whether to continue in academia, or to step outside the confines of the lab and make a scientific difference in another role. For me, when I finished my PhD, I knew that I'd completed my academic journey, and wanted to use the skills I had developed in another environment.

A career in science writing had always appealed to me, as learning and communicating about new and exciting science was my favourite thing about my studies. However, I had many questions about what being a science writer would actually involve, and wanted to know if I had the right skillset and experience to become one. 

Since I joined life science marketing specialists BioStrata, I’ve been lucky enough to learn about a wide range of interesting scientific topics (and I get to tell the world about it every day through my writing). This experience hopefully also puts me in a more-informed position to answer some of the questions I had before I started down this career path. So, if you’re thinking about a science writing career, I hope this blog will help clear up some queries that you may have!

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So much science, so little time (June 2018 edition)

Posted by Andrew Breeson on 29-Jun-2018 09:29:34

Ah June, reportedly named after the ancient Roman goddess of marriage, and the month the Romans believed was the most promising for weddings. We at BioStrata also believe June is a good month for a marriage—the marriage of science and scientist! All over the world, researchers are falling in love with new and exciting topics, and making vows to investigate them and only them, forsaking all other distractions, for better or worse, until death do they part (or until their funding runs out). Because this marriage can be a full-time commitment, we’ve hunted down the latest cutting-edge, curious, and comical scientific stories, so you don’t have to. Come with us now, as you are cordially invited to witness this academic union walk steadily down the aisle of progress.

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4 things I love about working as an inbound account manager in life science marketing

Posted by Ol Anscombe on 22-Jun-2018 14:57:36

As a life science graduate, I found myself facing a huge decision when it came to my future career: stay in the lab, or foray into the commercial world. After running a number of experiments in my head, and having studied the results with care, I decided to test myself in the world of life science marketing. This was a decision I will never regret.

Perhaps you’re a recent science graduate who is considering making a similar decision? In case it helps you with that process, here are four things I love about working in life science marketing.

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3 inbound marketing lessons learned from working in the life science industry

Posted by Alicia Caunter on 12-Jun-2018 14:31:20

As a life science marketing pro, you’re likely to be one of those people who love to share their industry expertise and experiences by attending networking sessions and events. Earlier this year, one of our directors, Paul, was lucky enough to be invited to speak at the Cambridge HubSpot User Group meet-up—a quarterly event for local HubSpot users to exchange ideas, discuss trends and challenges, and learn from each other’s experiences. With the recent content marketing explosion, the last HUG event was focussed on a key industry challenge: how to make your content stand out from the noise.

As a marketer that may specialise in content creation and inbound marketing, this is a challenge you are likely to have faced before. So, what’s the solution? Here are some insights from Paul’s talk at the recent HUG event.

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So much science, so little time (May 2018 edition)

Posted by Andrew Breeson on 31-May-2018 11:31:23

While scientists from LA to Taipei have been beavering away to become the next Michael Faraday, we’re here to give you an action replay from the month of May! We’ve selected a handy array of our favourites to convey the projects that were underway. So, don’t delay, read on to take away the innovations of today. Hooray!

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