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From internal marketer to Account Director: Five things I’ve learned about working in a marketing agency

Posted by Mira Nair on 17-Dec-2019 11:19:51

If you work in marketing internally for a specific company, you’ll probably be aware that the world of agency is very different. But how do you find out what that world’s like, and whether it would suit you? I hope I can help you answer these questions, since I’ve experienced both environments. I started my career by working client-side (as an ‘internal marketer’), then a year ago I took my first agency job as an Account Director.

In hindsight, the move was a very positive decision for me, but at the time it felt like a leap of faith. If I’d known a bit more about the nature of the role, I’d have been more confident taking the plunge. So, to help those in a similar situation, here are five things about working in agency that I wish I’d known a year ago.

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What's it like to be an Inbound Account Director?

Posted by Mira Nair on 20-Nov-2019 11:58:12

As an experienced marketer, you’ll have a whole host of career options at your fingertips. The question is: which one is right for you? It’s crucial to find a role where you can thrive, but it can be hard to judge whether you’ll really take to a position just from the job description.

For example, a typical description for an Inbound Account Director (AD) might say that you’ll manage a portfolio of client accounts—but what does that look like in reality? What’s the true nature of the job, and what does it feel like to do it day-to-day? If you’re looking for a bit more detail on that score, I’ve shared my thoughts below. Hopefully, this blog will give you a picture of what the role is like and whether you’d enjoy it.

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Five reasons why working as a science writer at a life science marketing agency could be your dream job

Posted by Paul Avery on 29-Oct-2019 15:28:13

Do you love writing about science, but feel you haven’t found the right outlet for your talents? Perhaps you’ve written blogs or news articles as part of your current role, but want to spend more time doing what you enjoy most—telling scientific stories in engaging and creative ways. You could be a freelance science writer who wants to spend a little less time chasing clients, and more time developing new skills with some of the industry’s leading talent. Or possibly you’re an experienced in-house copywriter looking for a fresh perspective and some new scientific stories to get stuck into. If so, then maybe working for a life science marketing agency is for you!

We’ve put together five compelling reasons why you might love working as a science writer at a life science marketing agency like BioStrata, and why it could be the best next step for your career.

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Marketing with purpose: How your marketing skills can help change the world

Posted by Paul Avery on 23-Oct-2019 12:02:53

Can marketers like us change the world? We believe so. But how? How can we use our marketing skills and talents to improve things for others? On the of face it, I guess it seems a bit unlikely, but our team at BioStrata is focused on doing exactly that. Below are three ways we’re working to change the world (and how you could too, if you choose to join our team).

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BioStrata announces new hires to drive continued growth across its specialist marketing communications offering

Posted by Kat Steer on 30-Jan-2019 13:57:14

PRESS RELEASE: Life science marketing communications agency BioStrata has announced a series of new appointments this quarter, as part of its ongoing strategy to further develop its specialist services across public relations and inbound marketing. All five new hires will be based out of BioStrata’s UK headquarters in Cambridge, although its team also spans North America and mainland Europe.

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What's it like to be a public relations executive for a life science marketing agency?

Posted by Ronan Muir on 08-Aug-2018 11:04:08

Life after university… it's a challenge every graduate has to face! And something that really sneaks up on you as you approach the end of your bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree. After all, choosing the right vocation is a big step, and a predicament we all face at the end of our studies. It’s certainly something I experienced at the end of my PhD.

At that point, all I knew was that I loved science and wanted it to be the basis of my career, but I did not see myself becoming a lab-based scientist in either industry or academia.

So, I asked myself, "what are my options? What’s out there for someone who wants to apply their scientific knowledge and skill, but perhaps not in the lab?" From a kaleidoscope of advice, thoughts and feedback, I whittled down my focus to specific areas within the commercial side of the life science industry.

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8 questions I wanted answered before I became a commercial science writer

Posted by Andrew Breeson on 20-Jul-2018 14:25:45

At some point in their career, every scientist must decide whether to continue in academia, or to step outside the confines of the lab and make a scientific difference in another role. For me, when I finished my PhD, I knew that I'd completed my academic journey, and wanted to use the skills I had developed in another environment.

A career in science writing had always appealed to me, as learning and communicating about new and exciting science was my favourite thing about my studies. However, I had many questions about what being a science writer would actually involve, and wanted to know if I had the right skillset and experience to become one. 

Since I joined life science marketing specialists BioStrata, I’ve been lucky enough to learn about a wide range of interesting scientific topics (and I get to tell the world about it every day through my writing). This experience hopefully also puts me in a more-informed position to answer some of the questions I had before I started down this career path. So, if you’re thinking about a science writing career, I hope this blog will help clear up some queries that you may have!

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4 things I love about working as an inbound account manager in life science marketing

Posted by Ol Anscombe on 22-Jun-2018 14:57:36

As a life science graduate, I found myself facing a huge decision when it came to my future career: stay in the lab, or foray into the commercial world. After running a number of experiments in my head, and having studied the results with care, I decided to test myself in the world of life science marketing. This was a decision I will never regret.

Perhaps you’re a recent science graduate who is considering making a similar decision? In case it helps you with that process, here are four things I love about working in life science marketing.

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What I’ve learnt in my first twelve weeks as an Account Manager at a life science marketing agency

Posted by Emma Homes on 26-Oct-2017 16:49:20

As you may have guessed, I’ve been working at BioStrata for twelve weeks now, and boy has it gone fast! Five years ago, I got my PhD in genetics at the University of Kent and was preparing for a move back up to Cambridge to start my new role as a technical sales rep (I knew halfway into my PhD that a life at the bench wasn’t for me). 

I then became a headhunter at a life sciences recruitment agency (a bit of a random move I know) but I got to have some really interesting conversations with people in the biotech and med-tech communities about the cutting-edge research they were involved with.

Knowing I wanted to really maximise my passion for science communication I moved into medical communications, developing a whole host of materials for pharmaceutical companies. After two and a half years, I started to miss the life science industryand that’s when I came across BioStrata.

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What is it like to be a commercial Science Writer?

Posted by Kate Marshall on 25-Aug-2017 11:19:54

As scientists, we can sometimes find ourselves faced with a choice between different career paths. At this crossroads, following one path lets you continue along your research career, while the other takes you in a different direction entirely. When I finished my PhD, I knew a career in research wasn’t for me, so instead I followed my passion for science communication. That’s why I’m now a Science Writer here at BioStrata, a specialist life science marketing agency, where I happily get to satiate my own curiosity about science, while also being able to tell the rest of the world all about it!

But what is it really like to be a Science Writer? And could it be a good career option for you? To help you decide, below I’ve shared exactly what I do and why I love it so much!

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