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5 ways to make your life science content more persuasive

Posted by Ol Anscombe on 16-Mar-2018 16:36:59

As marketers, regardless of the type of content we are creating, we always aim to educate, inspire and entertain the reader. Not only that, we also hope to persuade them to take action—this could be to download an eBook, sign up for a mailing list or take advantage of an offer. Writing persuasive copy is no mean feat, so if you are keen to hone your writing to create copy that engages and delights, then read on!

On this topic, Nancy Harhut gave a great overview at Inbound 2017 of the tactics and constructs you can use to immediately make your writing more persuasive. We’ve distilled some of our key takeaways from her talk here, so that you can quickly start implementing these tips yourself!

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