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Life science marketing in Germany—the latest media and social trends

Posted by Craig Townsend on 06-Feb-2018 16:38:55

Whilst not your typical ‘water cooler’ chatter for most offices, the BioStrata team has recently been talking about trends in B2B marketing in Germany. The German market often features in our international and regional marketing programmes for our clients because—as its government proudly advertises—Germany is the largest market in Europe for life science products.

If you’re interested in accessing the German life science market or would like to learn more about buying behaviour amongst German consumers, we’ve summarised just some of the latest insights that we’ve uncovered below.

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Updating the status of social media for life science companies

Posted by Georgia Davies on 19-Jul-2016 11:43:19

People are using social media platforms now more than ever. The consequence? Control has shifted from companies to consumers. Your audience can now regulate exactly when, where, and how they interact with your content and services, and may then respond in a very public way. The increasingly independent consumer thus poses a real challenge to life science marketing and sales teams. Leaving their conversations unmonitored can risk reputational damage and be a waste of valuable opportunities for insight and exposure.

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