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3 ways generational differences will affect life science marketing campaigns of the future

Posted by Ol Anscombe on 06-Mar-2018 13:36:57

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—the way in which the world digests information is changing. As we move further towards a future of universal internet access, buyer behaviour has shifted as your sales team is now no longer the sole gatekeeper of information relating to your product or service. Variations in the way different generations interact with information also means that buyer behaviour can depend massively on the age group you wish to target. So-called ‘millennials’ are no longer children that dream of one day becoming scientists—they are scientists, and the way they interact with content can be vastly different from ‘generation Xers’ and ‘baby boomers’.

At the end of 2017, HubSpot published the findings of a digital trends report that aimed to lay bare the differences in the ways different generations absorb information, asking survey respondents about the kinds of channels they use to access content and the type of content they respond to.

So, what were the findings of the report, and what do they mean for companies working in the life science industry? Can these findings be applied to help us communicate our offering to the right people in the right way? Here are three ways that generational differences could impact on life science marketing campaigns of the future. 

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